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Divorce and separation anxiety is widespread. There will always be that fear within us for our future which is not certain. Although this anxiety is but natural, constantly thinking about it is draining and damaging.


For some people, they fear for the future of their children rather than their own future. They worry too much on the possibility that their children will not cope with the divorce of their parents and might not be able to forgive them for the separation. Others are even more concerned about how their family, friends and colleagues will react to the separation. There are also those who during the times that they are still dealing with the loss, they start questioning their selves whether they are to blame for the failure of their marriage or all because of their partner's faults.


There are actually five powerful steps to stop wasting time worrying about the future and thinking about what had happened in the past.


The essential first step is letting go of the relationship baggage. Only once you free yourself from past bitterness, anger and sadness, can true peace of mind and happiness be achieved. Forget and leave behind all your unresolved frustration, disappointment and guilt with the way your marriage ended. Let go of the past in order to enable you to move forward. This way, you will feel stronger and confident of yourself.


Let go of expectations

When you expect things you set yourself up for disappointment. Do not expect so that you will not get disappointed if it fails. You can take actions to influence your future, but you cannot control outcomes or others. If you expect the best, and things don't go exactly the way you wanted you have to deal with this disappointment. Know about marriage counselling dubai here!


Create options for different possible outcomes

The hardest part of dealing with uncertainty is the inability to plan and feel in control. Have more clarity on things. Create and plan for possible outcomes. To achieve peace of mind, it can be useful to list plans for different outcomes. Try to make rough plans that can be reassuring and lessen anxiety. Consult a friend or a family member and talk through your options and outcomes.


Be confident in your ability to handle any situation

Start by reminding yourself of difficult times in your life you survived and got through it. A difficult childhood, bullying, a previous break up, difficult work situation or perhaps another major loss, the chances are at the time it seemed unbearable but looking back you coped and got through it. If you have once survived a certain difficulty, there is no reason you will not survive another failure no matter how painful it may be. Get marriage counselling dubai here!s